Shop – Wall-Hangings

Wall-hangings, especially when hand-made of natural materials, can be almost as beautiful as many a painting. My wall-hangings are flat-woven carpets, mainly 20-22 cm wide and can vary in length. You can purchase any of the available items below.

I can also offer you a range of Macramé-Wall-Hangings where the size is more flexible. Prices for custom-made wall-hangings depend on the size, materials, and required working time. If you need a special size or colour, please contact me for further information. If you wish to purchase an item please contact me via

Wall-Hanging Triangels
Flat-woven carpet
No. 2020-020

Cotton, Hemp, Wool,
Drift-Wood Stick
Length 60 cm
Width 22 cm

Euro 138,00


Wall-Hanging Tripartite
Flat-woven carpet

No. 2020-022

Cotton, Hemp, Wool,
Jute, Beech-Wood Stick
Length 48 cm
Width 60 cm

Euro 168,00

Wall-Hanging Borders
Flat-woven carpet

No. 2020-025

Cotton, Hemp, Wool,
Jute, Drift-Wood Stick
Length 85 cm
Width 38 cm

Euro 195,00

Wall-Hanging Rust
No. 2020-026

Cotton, Hemp,
Beech-Wood Stick
Length 73 cm
Width 31,5 cm

Euro 72,00

Wall-Hanging Terracotta
No. 2020-023
Cotton, Beech-Wood Stick,
Beech-Wood Beads

Length 77,5 cm
Width 36 cm

Euro 72,00


Wall-Hanging Petrol
No. 2020-024

Cotton with silver thread,
Beech-Wood Stick,
Beech-Wood Beads

Length 57 cm
Width 40 cm

Euro 78,00


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