A little bit of sunshine on your walls

Over the years I have painted many a wall and even furniture. I do appreciate the positive impact that a certain colour can have on a room and yourself. However, every other Interior Decorator might be familiar with the phenomenon of a wall colour not remaining quite as long on a wall as one could expect. I guess, it has something to do with creativity and the self progressing further continously. So over time, I turned towards painting fields of colour onto the walls which are otherwise painted white in order to keep the backround neutral wherever it is necessary.
The colour that is on my mind for a while now is yellow. It has a cheerful, uplifting and inspiring impact on me and is visible in all sorts of things I am working on momentarily.

We are slowly moving towards the season I like most during the year: autumn. For its outbursts of yellows, oranges, reds, and different textures in nature. On one side you can see radiant colours of ripe apples, paers, and berries outside, and on the other side also shades of brown or grey, when trees and bushes are sheding their leaves, only leaving a variety of elongated structures for instance. In that process you can see both, a richness, that touches your senses, but also an idea of parting.

When painting walls, it is rather important to keep in mind, that the colour will indeed change a room, but that it might also have an impact on your mood. So when choosing a colour, it is wise to consider the size of the room, its content, and its general brightness beforehand.

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