Shop I Original Artworks

I recently went through some artwork of mine from some years ago. During that time there wasn’t much time to paint on a regular basis due to other occupations. But there usually was one shorter phase per year where I simply had to paint something. Some of those original paintings are now looking for a new home – I would like them to be looked at and not stored away in a portfolio. So you’ll find 6 small watercolour paintings from a series called ‘Summer into Autumn’ (2016), a larger one called ‘Flower Table’, a botanical study from 2015 (‘Muscari armeniacum’, watercolour pencil) and a single mixed-media collage from 2012 (‘Camus Collage with Bird’). Please click on one of the paintings to open the gallery-view.

If you wish to purchase an original painting please contact me via
Within Austria your shipping costs will be Euro 6,00.

Animated Illustration

I’ve always wandered how my illustrations would look like and behave if they were animated. Then, just recently, a Czech Animation Artist (Michal Maru┼íka) did exactly that with a mixed-media illustration I’ve finished in spring 2022.

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