Shop I Original Artworks

I recently went through some artwork of mine from some years ago. During that time there wasn’t much time to paint on a regular basis due to other occupations. But there usually was one shorter phase per year where I simply had to paint something. Some of those original paintings are now looking for a new home – I would like them to be looked at and not stored away in a portfolio. So you’ll find 6 small watercolour paintings from a series called ‘Summer into Autumn’ (2016), a larger one called ‘Flower Table’, a botanical study from 2015 (‘Muscari armeniacum’, watercolour pencil) and a single mixed-media collage from 2012 (‘Camus Collage with Bird’). Please click on one of the paintings to open the gallery-view.

If you wish to purchase an original painting please contact me via
Within Austria your shipping costs will be Euro 6,00.

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